We will respond to your various needs

Temporary Staff

We deploy staff that suits their skills for the job needed. We can provide manpower for long-term or short-term. It allows you to focus on your business or busy work environment with great cost savings.

Introduction to Personnel Business

We have a wide range of people, skills, age and competency that suits your needs. Professional Consultants with extensive work experience are readily available for deployment. With a complete success fee system, recruitment fees can be reduced while optimizing in efficient deployment.

Outsourcing Business

By leverage knowledge of human resources, we aim to boosts client`s profits by providing human resources to support customer`s productivity

Foreign Recruitment Service

Our goal is to connect foreigners living in Japan with companies that can benefit from their contribution be in skill, talent, language and others. We believe that foreigners can work with the proper information and guidance. We strive to bridge the gap between foreigner and Japanese business practices to ensure the success of both clients and candidates. We know we can provide the best experience for our corporate clients when we match them with a candidate for a position in their organization.

Service lineup


Call center

Telephone operator / supervisor (SV) / help desk / outbound / inbound /Public opinion survey /Various test duties


OA business / receptionist / general affairs / sales officer / accounting clerk / filing / clerical work / office machine operator / transaction document preparation / administration planning / interpreter/ secretary


Logistics / Warehouse

Receiving / Shipping Preparation / Shelving /Picking / Distribution processing / Sorting / Inspection / Inventory / forklift

Transportation / Relocation

Moving / Office relocation / Layout change / Delivery assistant


Venue Setting / Loading / Unloading


Processing / Assembly / Food / Electric / Communication equipment / Printing / Manufacturing / Software development / Research development / Mechanical design


Retail/Convenience store

cash register / Hospitality sales / Stock Clerk


Hall / Cooking Assistant Staff / Kitchen


mobile shop clerk / Subscription promotion / sampling / campaign staff


Medical facility

Care Manager/ Care worker/ Social worker/Housekeeper/ Nurse/ Nursery Teacher

Medical institution

Doctor/ Physical therapist /Occupational therapist/Speech-language-hearing therapist/ Nurse assistant/ nurse/ Nutritionist/ Receptionist