Temporary Staff

Warehouse work ( Seal Inspection and packaging )
Job Register Number:atsugi-s5

Job description Job
Inspecting chocolate confectionery and paste the product seal,
Easy and light work only

■ Inexperience big welcome!
■ Those who wish to work for 3-5 days a week are also welcome!

【♪ workplace environment ♪】
□ Bus from Atsugi station.
□ Automobile, bicycle commute OK!
□ Smoking area place ♪ ♪

Easy ♪ Resume is unnecessary! ~
Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email!
※ Please bring your alien card, passport copy of bank account number · seal, for personal identification and registration at the interview.
Recommended points Work for your free time ok
★ People age from 10 to 50 years ok ! !
★ Both men and women ok !

Everyone are welcome ~ (* ^ _ ^ *)
For residents japan only ( permanent, longterm visa and student visa ok) ♪
Location Kanagawa Atsugi
Bus from hon atsugi station
Working hours 9:00~17:00/21:00~6:00
7hours work/ 1 hour break
Salary Hourly wage 1000yen ~ 1250 yen per hour
Overtime · late night allowance 25% UP..]
Working period long term 3 months
Holiday / Vacation Closed Sunday
Monday to Saturd ( choose your request day off)

Please do not hesitate to ask any question or request.